About us

Our story

We at Iryz eyewear identified a great scope for improvement in the eyewear industry and the usual eyewear products available in the Indian market, that’s when we got to task and decided to bridge this gap by bringing something new to the table in terms of product designs and functionality and also the way how we will sell those products to the people using our simple yet neatly designed portal www.iryz.in. And now, we endeavour to connect with today’s smart customers of India, who understand and value high quality new generation products and want them at the right price.

Origin of the name

Typically, most brands are named after their creators or people who influenced the creators. But IRYZ got its name from what is central to its products, the word “IRIS” (thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus, the amount of light reaching the retina. The colour of the iris gives the eye its colour).

Our team

Iryz eyewear is more of a culture or practice inclined towards certain goals which are set to deliver something nonexistent in the market in terms of design, colour, functionality and quality.  We strive to bring in fresh eyewear designs to the Indian shores, in collaboration with our design team in Birmingham, UK. Every pair of Iryz eyewear is inspired by the unique personalities and style of our creative partners, expressed through fusion of flawless design and craft; they have created eyewear featuring innovative silhouettes, techniques and colorations that have placed them on the forefront of fashion.

Fashion and functionality

We understand the importance of fashion and function for one to be happy with their eyewear. Every product offered on our website promises to deliver value to the bearer through its practical and unique design and functions.


We manage to keep our selling price competitive, since we get our products directly manufactured under our own trademark label “IRYZ”. Our products are manufactured in a facility adhering to international quality benchmarks, same production facility is being used which is used to manufacture some of the famous international brands for different foreign markets. All our products are assembled by highly trained, skilled professionals ensuring that when they reach your door you can be rest assured that their quality is up to par with some of the most expensive brands out there.


One of the best things about our products is that you wear them with your own personal brand of confidence rather than feeling like the brand is wearing you. Most of our collection has IRYZ logo on the inner side of the temple, a reminder of the quality and unique nature of your glasses and a testament to you, the remarkable individuals who inspire us every day. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

The Collection

Flexible magnetic reading glasses

These latest design magnetic reading glasses by iryz eyewear are available in different reading powers +1.0 +1.5,+2.0,+2.5,+3.0, have soft foldable rubberized headband giving greater freedom in fit, ergonomically designed headband takes the shape of the head instead of squeezing the head inside its mould, and this makes these glasses very comfortable.

When you do not need them, simply open the front and lower to your neck without dangling too low, thus making them simple, stylish and useful in terms of their structural design.

 The telescopic design side stems are adjustable for length, thus you can adjust temple length for a customised fit according to your head size.

 Another major benefit of the flexible head band is ease of storage when the frames are not is use unlike other hard plastic similar frames which are prone to breakage. No chance you're going to lose them somewhere.



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